Modifikasi Motor Honda 80 CX500

Modifikasi Motor Honda 80 CX500
Honda Motor Mods 80's CX500, this modification project is on the 1980 Honda CX500 Honda found in a pile of rubble of the house. With the help of friends can eventually turn into the concept of modification of rat "Bobber Rice" and modification of this bike include: A framework for reducing the rear wing, change the battery returned the box, the bracket plate and the outside light filtering holder pieces sound recordings, and remove side cover to replace air filter box and air tube, pipe and silencer, painted and polished wheels Comstar.

2010 yamaha fazer 150

This motor is already out in India ... and if the AISI data for July 2009 ... have not officially come out ... then in India  ... Yamaha could sell about 17 rebu motor unit ...! One product that is championed Yamaha Fazer 150 ... is priced about 80 rebu Rupees ...! Its still the same engine used by Yamaha FZ16 153cc water cooled ... ... could spend around 14HP power ...!
Karburator Mikuni BS-26 Ex Skywave Please info for motor modif Suzi SKY WAVE:

1. Replace tires Battlax or Swallow Recommended measure of how well?
2. Install discs for the rear where the garage that can plug yah?
Suzuki skywave modifikasi 2010

Suzuki skywave modifikasi 2010

Another yet Motor Honda Scoopy 2010 Modified affirmation after-effects from JJ Airbrush Jaedun Mukhtar, Jakarta. Although minimalist, with a aerosol gun burden accomplish the actualization Scoopy sweeter. The consequence that was adequate afresh with ornaments sweetener, from advanced to back.
Let’s attending at the accepted muffler protector, this area about-face burden with clear-cut model. Bench was redesigned to be beneath and sweeter in the attendance of added adamant basket.
This is new  first ride 2010 Kawasaki Z1000  Review, please  Watch the clip for details of the new 2010 Kawasaki Z100, including onboard footage from the world launch.

Gambar Modifikasi Keren

Gambar Modifikasi Motor

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Yamaha tersapu tessart

Yamaha tessart is konyo known as yamaha unique visitor in indonesia.many times i search hard about yamaha.modifikasi is great