Suzuki skywave modifikasi 2010

Karburator Mikuni BS-26 Ex Skywave Please info for motor modif Suzi SKY WAVE:

1. Replace tires Battlax or Swallow Recommended measure of how well?
2. Install discs for the rear where the garage that can plug yah?
Suzuki skywave modifikasi 2010

Suzuki skywave modifikasi 2010

Approximately 2 to replace the item would cost how much?

Create mas bro who knows where his shop Tulung love to ane yah know, or mas bro've ever installed.

Thanks bro mas infonya previous.Suzuki Suzuki Skywave 125 present a much different to its predecessor. This class Yamaha Nouvo or Honda Airblade. Bongsor BodiSkywave more than its predecessor Spin 125. More awakened a sense of luxury, guided smart industrial flavor with futuristic spirit, is seen in curves and firm on each elbow, the total aerodynamic design that is built strong showing futuristic flavor.
Technology development not only in outer form. See the carburettor, although have a size equal to the spin karbu Skywave 125 is equipped with a filter air filter before heading neddle valve, it is intended for the air entering the karbu really clean from the water.
Another with design outside air filter from ventury carburettor, made gambot and its position just above the CVT. physical effects, the shape of the engine as a whole looks gambot, in tune with the form of total skubek.
In handling, although the body more big comfort skubek typical stay awake. sitting position and felt more comfortable foot position, as well as boncenger, comfort bike resembles a duck, leg position and extent of the seat did not like skubek in general.
Stability was also maintained when using that motor ngebrake, the composition of the double rear quasi quasi combined front discs are very helpful about it. skubek short word is more comfortable when touring other skubek more than cute.
Another functional element shown in luggage design with loose, sampe-sampe aja fulface helmet can enter, users do not need to be confused-confused if want to bring so much luggage, is baggage under the handlebar can accommodate two coins ama mineral water, plus hanger helmet or goods in crackle, maximum weight 1.5 kg ..
Who's on the ignition key is equipped with safety anti-theft, and all the key saddle is also integrated in the ignition. So ga pelu bother again if want to go to the saddle, just press and then rotated clockwise, kebuka deh tuh saddle ...
Sections below deck that juts into the easy rider trample feet into the ground without needing to open the legs too wide.
The new technology is installed in the engine include:

In spin carburetor 125, the need for needle-jet air is supplied from the main air filters, but the Skywave 125 had a different design, air is supplied separately from the secondary filter (Secondary Air Filter) to the needle-jet. As such, the mixing of air-jet needle is needed when the upper and middle rounds can be served well, other than not affected the air pressure of the box filter, also a cleaner because the most of filtered water in secondary filter. Form a larger main air filter is also considered a supporter, because of the greater, the need for good air juaga presented. comparison is needed karbu increasingly presented perfectly.

Second Relay applied to safety needs, such as the number of skubek cool today. This is also not exist in spin 125. The second relay is connected from the ignition and CDI, the effect is to give perintak to the CDI for the machine does not live at the standard still not drawn up and brake.

3. Final Reduction Ratio
Round Skywave engine designed more lightly because of the differences are more big motors and heavy, the machine must adapt. the engine turns over lightly by changing the ratio of reduction. to spin a ratio of 9.264 (49/17 x 45/14) while for the sky wave 10.243 (46/17 x 53/14).

Its function is to harmonizing the function of electrical work, if batrai not able to provide in accordance with the required current, the capacitor bank will harmonize the flow as needed, so the electrical is not easily damaged as it gets beat stun exceeds demand.

5. Engine Mounting
Although congruent but different Engine Mounting Skywave spin amid ditambahin with connecting plate, so that an even stronger position, the effect is more powerful than the engine vibration will be more subtle. with heavier loads the rear wheel swing arm Skywave escorted double plus quasi-left-right with so comfort is more awake.

6. SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material)
A special coating on the cylinder wall that minimizes friction and accelerate the combustion heat release. SCEM is also able to lighten the weight of the engine because the cylinder block no longer need to use a liner / boring cast iron.

A system capable to minimize the possibility of engine overheating. because of the special nozzle on the bottom of the piston continuously pumping oil for the temperature at the surface of the piston remained stable.

Allows fresh air mixed with gas and waste combustion flue canals. entry of fresh air this air neutralize residual combustion gases into water vapor and CO2 are more environmentally friendly to meet the Euro II standard, in the exhaust tube equipped Skywave catalyst which serves to improve the work process PAIR.

Please dong kalo who have any info for modification.
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